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The Department of Educational Sciences aims to provide students, educational institutions and community by addressing the problems of theory and practice in the educational system with a scientific framework. The responsibility of the Department of Educational Sciences to students is to educate qualified specialists, and its responsibility to educational institutions and community is to put scientific and academic research into practice.

The Department has the fields of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Training Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics. Most of the courses of pedagogical content knowledge to all other undergraduate programs are offered by the instructors of our department. Besides that, the certificate program of Pedagogical Formation has been carried out since 2009.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance department started its educational activities in undergraduate programs in 2013 -2014 academic year. The Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance provides education for compensation for the requirement of psychological supervisors in private and official institutions of our country at first. By means of variations of courses in education program for department, it is aimed to prepare our students for the occupation of psychological supervisor for schools at first and having them obtain knowledge and skills to work as psychological expert in private or official institutes. Students possess knowledge, skill and experience which constitute a basis for postgraduate education of psychological counseling and guidance after graduation. They are also offered possibilities to spend a part of their 4 years of educations in abroad with Erasmus and Mevlana programs. Students who graduated from the department gets the right to work in psychological supervisors for schools in private and public schools of ministry of national education. They can also carry on their professional lives as psychological supervisors in rehabilitation centers, official psychological supervision centers giving mental health services, centers and units serving for family and marriage counseling, centers and units serving for career counseling and in related departments of universities as academic staff. It is planned to recruit students for master degree in the department of psychological counseling and guidance soon.

The goal of the Curriculum and Instruction; is to train a program development expert who can execute the process of design, assessment and development of a curriculum and evaluate educational problems by taking scientific methods as basis. There are Master Programs with Thesis and Master Programs without Thesis in Evening Education in Institute of Social Sciences under The Head Department of Educational Sciences of Curriculum and Instruction Department. A joint doctoral program with Bartin University is carried out. The programs involve compulsory and optional courses related to Curriculum and Instruction field and scientific research methods. Matriculation, Course Assessment and Attendance conditions are carried out in accordance with the Postgraduate Educational Regulation of Institute of Social Sciences in Bulent Ecevit University. The Scientific Specialty Diploma in Curriculum and Instruction Department is given to those who successfully graduate master programs of educational curriculum and instruction. The graduates who obtained master degree in this field can work as program development expert, educational expert and academic coordinator in various institutions and organizations as well as work as a teacher in public or private educational institutions. They can also work as program development expert in human resources management and in-service training units.

The goal of The Department of Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics is to educate executives and inspectors for schools, Ministry of National Education and other institutes and academic staff for related departments of universities; to raise professional competence of teachers, executives and inspectors working in the institutions of Ministry of National Education and to train experts in educational inspection. The Department of Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics sets required strategies for realization of meaningful learning by considering the accumulations and requirements of science, technology, community and individuals in the light of universal values in order to educate executives, inspectors and educators effectively. Those strategies based on the analytic thoughts within aims to educate leaders who are loyal to ethical principles and values who produce, interpret, bring to bear and evaluate the modern knowledge, constantly focus on the individual improvement, possess confidence and possess critical thoughts and contribute to the universal knowledge with science and technology they use. Our Faculty is planning to recruit students in master degree soon for The Program of Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics.

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